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Since our founding in 1923, R.H. White Construction Bwin casino loginhas continued to provide exceptional services to commercial and industrial markets throughout the Northeast. Owned and operated by the same family for nearly a century, our extensive experience provides a competitive edge that our customers rely on for maximum utility and longevity.

Celebrating 100 Years and Looking Forward

We have evolved over the years to reflect our contemporary approach to innovative and versatile business practices. Our core principles of integrity and value, however, remain unchanged, allowing us to continue rising to the challenges of our esteemed customers.

Black and white photos of the history of utility construction company R.H. White Construction servicing the Worcester, MA area
bwin casino reviewOur Strength

We believe that the strength of our company lies not only in the maintenance of a robust workforce and modern equipment inventory, but also in the driving forces behind the scenes. Our customers rely on our financial stability and managerial expertise on which we thrive to complete their projects efficiently and effectively.

Our Experience
Many of the professionals who manage our operations offer a lifetime of experience in the contracting industry. We understand the specific needs of the markets, bwin casino slotsthe systems, and the region, and we put this knowledge to work for our customers.
Our Value
We’re known for providing superior workmanship at the lowest possible cost, and our commitment to value is a hallmark of our company. We place a strong emphasis on safe working environments, allowing our team to perform at their best while keeping customer investment at a minimum.
Establishing lasting partnerships with the businesses we serve is our top priority. Contact R.H. White Construction today at 508-832-3295 to learn more about the commercial construction Bwin Casino bonusservices and solutions we offer.
"Firmly rooted in the principles of integrity and service that formed this company, R.H.White has successfully grown generation after generation because we continuously sharpen our focus on the future. Innovative response to the changing needs of customers and employees alike will always be a winning formula for success.”
Mr. Leonard White
Chairman of the Board, Emeritus - 1919-2014

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